Strengths we build on

Surya Source Energy is an acclaimed leader in the solar industry in the Philippines, having worldwide presence through successfully executed projects and a strong network of leading vendors and manufacturers of BoS. We have globally recognised capacities in engineering, procurement and construction of solar PV systems.
We closely follow global R&D in solar technology and equipment, and strive to bring the best to our customers. We work closely with select tier 1 manufacturers of PV components to ensure the high performance of your system through its lifetime.
Surya Source Energy is a full-circle solar services provider, having proven credentials in project development, design & installation, and operations & maintenance. Our approach is aimed at providing professional solutions that provide optimum yields at low cost, ensuring highest energy production.

Everything under the sun
in solar solutions

When you come to us, you come to a one-stop solutions provider. In the projects we undertake, we take care of technical considerations such as selecting optimised solar panels, inverters, mounting systems, tilt, azimuth, and metering & monitoring for your specific site.

But that’s not all. We also address commercial choices including policy approach, equity & debt funding, etc. We strongly believe that both technical and commercial decisions are vital. We help you make the right choices for your project, ensuring that your investment will generate the right level of positive returns.

From planning and feasibility to the turnkey handover of photovoltaic systems, we offer you complete solar solutions.

Team of Champions


Kushagra Nandan
Chairman & Founder


Marriz Manuel B. Agbon
President & CEO, Founder


Adarsh Das
Board Director, Founder


Melburgo S. Chiu
Chief Technical Officer, Founder


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